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by Gunnar on 23. November 2002 · 6 comments

Bin gestern nach längerer zeit mal wieder Auto gefahren und hatte eine New Model Army-CD dabei. Wußte gar nicht mehr, wie brillant die Texte stellenweise waren:

And the man has the skill
And the man has the power
But the boy has the will to win
And so much, so much, so much time

Klingt simpel, ist aber nett auf den Punkt gebracht. Oder, auch schön:

History gave uns meaning, gave us a place
gave my father reason for the lines in his face
but we asked for money, and money they gave
and, God, now that made us easy to enslave
so today at the office we picked up the cheque
the handshake of gold, the stab in the back
the old men went home, silent and bowed
the young men went drinking, drowning it out

Schon eine schöne Zeit, wenn man jung und wütend ist.

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