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by Gunnar on 17. Oktober 2005 · 2 comments

Menschen schreiben Briefe an die Zukunft

Dear FutureMe,
On this day, 12 months ago, you stated you would have your Visa card paid off, at least at manageable levels.
Well, have you? Don’t disappoint me.
(written Thu Sep 9, 2004, sent Fri Sep 9, 2005)

Dear FutureMe,
if you’re reading this, then the world hasn’t ended. That’s good at least. Hopefully, though, through some stretch of luck, the Singularity will have come and gone. In which case this e-mail will have no meaning. But I’m sure it will provide an interesting curiosity for the God AIs of the past/present/future. Treat my uploaded consciousness right, you read?
(written Mon Aug 16, 2004, to be delivered Sat Dec 22, 2012)

Dear FutureMe,
are we rich yet ?
(written Fri Mar 26, 2004, to be delivered Thu Mar 26, 2009)

Dear FutureMe,
Do me a favor. Find a site that let’s you e-mail to your past self, and send me the scores for this week’s football games.
Thanks man, you’re the best.
John from Friday
(written Fri Oct 29, 2004, to be delivered Tue Nov 1, 2005)

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