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by Gunnar on 19. Dezember 2006 · 4 comments

Web 1.0: “Under Construction”
Web 2.0: “Beta”

Web 1.0: Crap sites on Geocities.
Web 2.0: Crap sites on MySpace.

Web 1.0: New media company buys old media company.
Web 2.0: New media company buys new media company.

Web 1.0: Pointless Flash widgets.
Web 2.0: Pointless “Ajax” widgets

Web 1.0: Making web pages in a word processor.
Web 2.0: Preparing documents in a web browser.

Web 1.0: Wanking to pictures of Jenna Jameson
Web 2.0: Wanking to videos of Jenna Jameson

(jaja, kennt schon jeder)

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