Schnittmeister, Psychologen, Anti-Betrugsingenieure

by Gunnar on 16. November 2011 · 1 comment

Stellenausschreibungen in der Spiele-Industrie sind meist erstaunlich langweilig zu lesen, obwohl’s ja eine kreative Branche ist. Überall werden, mit den immergleichen Formulierungen, Grafiker gesucht und Programmierer und Game-Designer und ein paar Leute für’s Marketing und die Administration und so. Creative dies, Executive das, Lead jenes.

Bei Valve auf der Webseite hingegen sucht man Leute wie die hier, mit sehr ansprechenden Beschreibungen:

Psychologist: We believe that the more we know about human behavior, about how and why people do what they do, the better our products will be. All game designers are, in a sense, experimental psychologists. That’s why we’re looking for a experimental psychologist to apply knowledge and methodologies from psychology to game design and all aspects of Valve’s operations.

Anti-Cheat Engineer: Do you have a strong desire to combat cheating in online games? If so, this could be the gig for you. As a Valve Anti-Cheat engineer, you will use your reverse engineering, debugging, and programming skills to bring down cheaters throughout the Steam community. Your familiarity with executable file formats, dynamic link libraries, and process management will help us unravel webs of online cheaters.

Economist: At Valve, we love data. We love using it to make smart decisions. Economic decisions, for instance. So we’re looking for an experienced quantitative economist who can perform sophisticated economic analysis and data-mining on all relevant aspects of Valve’s gameplay, financial, and company data. Sound like you? If so, contact us. We need your knowledge of behavioral and/or classical economics and statistics, along with your extensive experience with econometrics and data-mining techniques, to generate data-driven analyses and predictive models that inform Valve’s decision-making about products, customers, and partners.

Film Editor: We’re looking for versatile, self-directed editors who have experience creating movies from previz to final output, especially films that contain elements of drama, action, and visual effects. You must enjoy working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Though editing has been called the “invisible art,” your reel or body of work should demonstrate a mastery of the craft, an ability to iterate, and a solid understanding of visual storytelling.

Besonders gut gefällt mir der Anti-Cheat-Engineer (“unravel webs of online cheaters”), da will man doch sofort mitmachen und für eine bessere, Cheater-freie Welt kämpfen.

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